Judgment on Ammon

Jeremiah 49

1 Against the a Ammonites.
Thus says the LORD:
"Has Israel no sons?
Has he no heir?
Why then does 1 Milcom 2 inherit b Gad,
And his people dwell in its cities?
2 c Therefore behold, the days are coming," says the LORD,
"That I will cause to be heard an alarm of war
In d Rabbah of the Ammonites;
It shall be a desolate mound,
And her 3 villages shall be burned with fire.
Then Israel shall take possession of his inheritance," says the LORD.

3 "Wail, O e Heshbon, for Ai is plundered!
Cry, you daughters of Rabbah,
f Gird yourselves with sackcloth!
Lament and run to and fro by the walls;
For 4 Milcom shall go into captivity
With his g priests and his princes together.
4 Why h do you boast in the valleys,
5 Your flowing valley, O i backsliding daughter?
Who trusted in her j treasures, k saying,
'Who will come against me?'
5 Behold, I will bring fear upon you,"
Says the Lord GOD of hosts,
"From all those who are around you;
You shall be driven out, everyone headlong,
And no one will gather those who wander off.

6 But l afterward I will bring back
The captives of the people of Ammon," says the LORD.

New King James Version (NKJV) Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.
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