Famine, Sword, and Pestilence

Jeremiah 14

1 The word of the LORD that came to Jeremiah concerning the droughts.

2 "Judah mourns,
And a her gates languish;
They b mourn for the land,
And c the cry of Jerusalem has gone up.
3 Their nobles have sent their lads for water;
They went to the cisterns and found no water.
They returned with their vessels empty;
They were d ashamed and confounded
e And covered their heads.
4 Because the ground is parched,
For there was f no rain in the land,
The plowmen were ashamed;
They covered their heads.
5 Yes, the deer also gave birth in the field,
But 1 left because there was no grass.
6 And g the wild donkeys stood in the desolate heights;
They sniffed at the wind like jackals;
Their eyes failed because there was no grass."

7 O LORD, though our iniquities testify against us,
Do it h for Your name's sake;
For our backslidings are many,
We have sinned against You.
8 i O the Hope of Israel, his Savior in time of trouble,
Why should You be like a stranger in the land,
And like a traveler who turns aside to tarry for a night?
9 Why should You be like a man astonished,
Like a mighty one j who cannot save?
Yet You, O LORD, k are in our midst,
And we are called by Your name;
Do not leave us!

10 Thus says the LORD to this people:
l "Thus they have loved to wander;
They have not restrained their feet.
Therefore the LORD does not accept them;
m He will remember their iniquity now,
And punish their sins."

11 Then the LORD said to me, n "Do not pray for this people, for their good. 12 o "When they fast, I will not hear their cry; and p when they offer burnt offering and grain offering, I will not accept them. But q I will consume them by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence."

New King James Version (NKJV) Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.
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