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We are based in Kirkland, WA
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eBible exists to help the world engage the Bible

In 2010 we looked at Bible websites and were surprised to find most had either old technology or advertisements that distracted from our Bible reading experience. PC/Mac-based Bible software were an option but most of them tend to be too complicated and too expensive.

So we asked ourselves, "Where can we find an online Bible software that is clean, free, simple and made for regular folks like us?"

Not finding any, and just coming off a Christian social network project, we began building a clean and easy-to-use Bible software for ourselves. Word spread and soon many of our friends began using our software as well. After some prayer and deliberation, we decided to do a startup to innovate on the next generation online Bible software. Our focus would be to provide a free, simple, clean and pleasurable reading experience with no advertisements or other distractions.

John 1 teaches us that "the Word became flesh" in Jesus. We at eBible truly believe that life change happens through a deeper engagement with the Bible. Our motto is: "Engage the Bible, Experience Jesus."

At the end of the day, we just want you to read the Bible more. If we can help you achieve that, we will have reached our goal of what this company is all about.

Who we are

Colin Wong
Jason Winn
Jason Khong
Director of Engineering (iOS)
Yervand Karagulyan
Director of Engineering (Android)
Deepa Sahni
Director of Engineering (Web)